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JMC awarded a multi-million US dollar contract to supply equipment and software for the operation of ninety playout channels and one hundred back-hauled channels, plus an archive system and software applications to operate the system.


The state of art video servers provided an ideal platform for transmission regardless of the format. All media was acquired and stored on central storage, to be accessed by one or more users to supply multiple services...

  • Arabsat , Nilesat , Yahsat, Hotbird & Asiasat/TV & Radio Satellite Broadcasting.

  • Satellite capacity Leasing .

  • Teleport Solutions .

  • Turnaround TV ,Radio &EPG services.

  • Satellite to Fiber Add-Hook ,Fiber to Satellite Add-Hook services.

  • Global Connectivity SD/HD Satellite , Fiber Or Internet.

  • 24/7 Teleport & MCR Add insert & Delay Services

December 2014

Jordan's largest Teleport covers the Middle East

DefyPRO has completed the first phase in the installation of advanced monitoring and automated content detection systems at Jordan Media City.


September 2014
Broadcast Satellite Anti-Piracy Coalition Grows


DefyPRO is proud to cooperate with the Broadcast Satellite Anti-Piracy Coalition, which is gaining momentum following the second meeting which took place in Cairo.  The Coalition strengthened its alliance by welcoming six new members (ART, IAA, The Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, Gulfsat, Rotana and WWE).  It also reported that due to combined action in recent months a total of 15 channels have been taken off air.


 Actions against illegitimate channels currently include shut downs, black outs, termination of contracts and working with advertisers to cease support of such channels.  At the meeting, the Coalition members agreed to strengthen and speed up the process of identifying pirated material, communicating the details of the pirates to all members and jointly acting against them.


 Tariq Shakeel, Head of Legal and Business Affairs at ViewSat commented: “ViewSat fully supports the Anti-Piracy Coalition, an important partnership in our industry, and it’s vital that we have a unified approach to responding to intellectual property infringement”.


Currently OSN and MBC are monitoring for infringements and have established a process of verification with the Studios.  New members Rotana and ART have been invited to join this exercise.  The Coalition also discussed how they could address the problem of pirated Arabic content. To date the focus has been upon international series and movies however analysis presented at the meeting indicates that there are currently 61 channels operating as pirates and 48 of these show Arabic movies.


Hanya Atallah, Copyright Management Manager at ART commented: "Piracy of Arabic content causes tremendous damage to the whole media production sector, particularly here in Egypt.  We now know that the piracy of both non-Arabic and Arabic content is basically perpetrated by the same group of people.  What started as piracy of Hollywood content then mushroomed into whole TV channels airing only pirated, Egyptian Arabic films, is now stretching to include Arabic (mainly Egyptian, but also Syrian and Turkish) TV series.  The sooner the legitimate members of the media sector and broadcasting sector in MENA co-operate to tackle this scourge, the better”.


The Coalition will meet next November in Jordan where Radi Al Khas, Chief Executive Officer of Jordan Media City, will take over the revolving chairman role.


Members of the Coalition are as follows: Arabsat, ART, du, Egyptian Chamber of Cinema, Eutelsat, Gulfsat, IAA, JMC, MBC Group, Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), Nilesat, Noorsat, OSN, Rotana, STN, Viewsat and WWE.


TV3 made its debut on 1 June 1984 and rapidly achieved the leadership position as the country's favourite TV station, a position it has maintained even after the advent of Pay-TV. It commands 32 per cent of TV viewership across FTA and Pay-TV networks, with its award-winning programming and news coverage. It continues to remain as a mass-market station serving the best content for all Malaysians with TV3 as the No 1 TV station in the country and holding the nation’s Top 10 programmes. Being number one in news and localized content, TV3 has also managed to continuously maintain ratings which made up the entire Top Ten programmes listed weekly (Source: AC Nielsen). 

TV3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad, the leading integrated media investment group in Malaysia.WWE.


June 2014
Monitoring Malaysia's leading TV stations

DefyPRO has completed the successful installation of an integrated broadcast monitoring system at TV3.


Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad or better known as TV3 is Malaysia's leading free-to-air (FTA) TV network, which has continued to reinforce its market leadership that reaches out to the masses, offering its proven best-in-breed programming and quality content that are relevant to its viewers. Combining the best of local and international content to reach its target viewers, TV3 has been a runaway success, drawing exceptional viewership ratings and strong support from advertisers.


October 2012
Ingest Media, Whether It Is a Clip, Camera Recording, or Tape


In addition to supporting both 24/7 and scheduled recordings, the new DefyPro capabilities provide support for ingesting media from other resources, including content from a field camera or clips downloaded directly to the desktop. The new ingest capabilities let customers view content, add metadata and utilize it as if the content had been recorded directly into DefyPro  “This is a significant breakthrough for DefyPro  The new ingest feature lets customers ingest any file and manage it as if it was recorded live from a feed by the DefyPro system,” says Sales Manager, DefyPro  “The ability to ingest any ‘outside’ third-party media to the system is now fully available. Once ingested, the full range of the system's features is usable on the ingested media: monitoring, tagging, annotating, searching, clipping, and repurposing. DefyPro is much more than a compliance and competitive analysis solution. DefyPro is a cost-effective content management system ideal for repurposing your content.”

The standard broadcast automation workflow has increased the amount of content stored on and played out from video servers. DefyPro's  new ingest capability monetizes broadcasters’ ability to monitor and analyze such content.“As broadcasters transfer thousands of hours of tape to compressed, digital hard-disk storage, they look for ingest tools like DefyPro that can handle more than one type of recording workflow.”

March 2014

Anti-Piracy Coalition to tackle content theft in MENA


Major Middle East broadcasters, satellite operators and service providers have teamed up to form an Anti-Piracy Coalition to monitor, inform and lobby against television content theft in the region, based on DefyPRO automatic Audio and Video detection technology.


OSN, Motion Picture Association of America (MPA), MBC Group, du, STN, JMC, Nilesat, Arabsat, Noorsat, Eutelsat and Viewsat have come together in a regional first to protect intellectual property rights and crack down on signal piracy across the Arab world.


"The region's television landscape has evolved significantly, and this growth has been spurred by the creation of original content," said David Butorac, CEO, OSN.


"Intellectual Property crime is not a victimless crime. It inhibits the capacity for companies like ours to invest to create a viable and robust entertainment industry, something this region deserves. Through the Anti-Piracy Coalition, we will work with leaders from the industry and carry out a concerted effort to crack down on piracy."

The issue does not just affect pay-TV operators such as OSN. The region's leading free-to-air (FTA) satellite TV network MBC has also been a victim of intellectual property theft.


The coalition says it will adopt an all-inclusive approach and will work with all willing satellite operators, advertisers, studios and broadcasters to stop pirate channels in MENA


New updated DefyPro Transport Stream


The newly enhanced TSSE 3.0 technology is a module of the company’s popular DefyPro Recorder solution, powered by the enterprise DefyPro Monitoring and Analysis platform. DefyPro Recorder  along with TSSE 3.0 is a highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution for recording, logging and archiving linear broadcasts.

“TSSE 3.0 is a powerful solution for storing and repurposing a raw Transport Stream ‘as is.’ This means broadcasters can explore a saved Transport Stream from any time period, including live streams, with the ability to create and export clips using the original content,” explains CEO, DefyPro. “TSSE 3.0 saves the raw source files with all media elements intact, including audio tracks and subtitles. Users can explore and make clips from the Transport Stream using the highest quality media possible.”

TSSE 3.0 lets users exclude specific programs/PIDs or null packets from the Transport Stream. Broadcasted media can be narrowed down to the selected programs/channels, saving on storage space.

The web-based DefyPro interface lets operators access and watch live and archived broadcast media Transport Streams much more easily. Intuitive controls provide options for which program to show, what language to play and what subtitle or teletext to display. The advanced content management tools improve monitoring quality and workflows, giving users even more information for compliance regulations, resulting in a greater return on investment.

New DefyPro Loudness Monitoring Helps Broadcasters Comply with Regulations


“The ability to completely monitor Loudness Compliance is now fully integrated into DefyPro Monitor. Broadcasters can avoid costly legislative penalties and better handle viewer complaints with this fully compliant feature.” DefyPro Monitor is a multi-layer solution that offers centralized broadcast performance operational information in real time."

The DefyPro Monitor module lets operators maintain continuous measurements, that among other things, identifies program loudness and loudness range. Loudness measurements combined with robust logging allow users to quickly review the status and provide continuous, exportable measurements as proof of compliance and to defend against loudness complaints. The powerful combination of loudness measurement and logging easily demonstrates compliance with loudness standards.

DefyPro Monitor Loudness Feature Highlights Include;
• Offers measurement to the ITU BS.1770-1 and BS.1770-2 standard
• Provides compliance with US CALM Act, ATSC A/85 Practice, EBU loudness monitoring